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Why Buy Weslock

If Security, Safety, and style are important to you, then Weslock is your choice for quality hardware for your home. The construction and design of Weslock knobs levers and entry handles exceed ANSI Grade 2 ratings. Not only are they strong and long lasting, but Weslock hardware is well built for years of use in the home. Split Spindles and Easy Action Latches set Weslock apart from the competition and contribute to trouble free operation. Weslock features a Panic Proof mechanism allowing you to easily exit the home in the event of an emergency. The safety minded locking mechanism also prevents lockouts and is ADA recommended, easy to activate and simple for even small children to operate. Weslock is high style as well as security and safety. The designs enhance the image of your home and the details such as concealed installation screws have a finished look unlike all others. See for yourself the features and benefits Weslock offers for your homes security, safety and style.


ANSI Grade 2 rating provides greater security since the locking mechanism is inside the door. Lock tightens down on itself preventing the door from collapsing.
All metal and brass construction, no plastic provides additional security.
Additional strength and durability. Locking mechanism inside the housing adds security as opposed to locking the knob.
For a smooth, bind free operation.
Stout spring in deadlatch to prevent credit card entry. Solid support to the door.

Split Spindles
  • Bind Free
  • Spindles are made of hardened steel
  • Minor misalignment lock will still operate smoothly
Easy Action Latch
  • Soft Spring for easy closing
  • Stiff Spring Spindle for snappy knob return
  • Stout Spring in deadlatch to prevent credit card entry
  • Solid Support to the door


Maximum Safety
You are never locked in, inside knob never rigid – always free for quick exit in case of an emergency. No button to turn when unlocking the door.
Prevents accidental lockouts.
ADA recommended – no button to turn, easy to use, even by small children

Panic Proof Mechanism
  • Panic Proof
  • Turn Knob either way
  • Small children can operate
  • Off the knob push button keeps knob clean
  • Featured on higher priced, heavy duty locks


Maximum Style and Appearance
Concealed installation screws prevent installation scratches for a custom look.

Concealed Installation Screws
  • Screws hidden by trim
  • No slip of screwdriver to scratch rosette
  • Easy access to screws
  • Built-in locks on screw head (will not loosen)